The Chocolate War

The Chocolate War

By: Robert Cormier

The main focus of this unit is Robert Cormier’s The Chocolate War and its question “do we dare disturb the universe?” Just a few of the topics to be explored in this book are: abuse of power, what makes a hero, loneliness, intimidation (peer pressure), relationships, rules, control, bullying, and courage. During our teenage years many of us worry about our self-image and about fitting in. The choices we make are influenced as much by those we see as enemies as by those we see as friends. Perhaps more than any other time in life, adolescence is a time of worrying about what others think rather than worrying about doing what is right.

In order to provide some structure, a reading schedule has been given. Due to state testing our class hours may be disturbed. This will be a semi-independent project. Please note that the calendar has two different types of due dates: one for the chapters you need to read and the other for assignments you need to master. For example, if your first reading assignment is to read chapters 1-6 by April 19th—if you do not do so, you will not do well on the “pop quiz” type assignment. It is very important to keep up with the reading on your own. The instructor will read aloud in class most days that we meet, but it is your responsibility to finish up readings and make notes of questions you may have. This unit will contain different types of assignments—discussion questions, collage projects, poetry, visual media, etc. Please read the rest of the packet to see your different assignments. All assignments will be posted on the classroom website:

There is some content in The Chocolate War that might be considered offensive. I can assure you that this book is a nationally appreciated book and is read across the country in many different grades. If you feel uncomfortable with the content and feel the need to do so, please discuss this with your parents. An alternate assignment can be made, probably something like A Separate Peace. The points and assignment load will be the same and a student can use the tutoring opportunities to bridge any gaps. Please review the book and make this decision promptly so you won’t fall behind.


See Mrs. Cruse for updated tutoring schedule.

Please stop by for tutoring if you feel you are falling behind or have questions.


Mrs. Cruse